Wet Tissue Papers

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Buy Wet Tissue Papers Wet tissue papers are not an item that one needs to get introduced to. They are a hit and have been used for multiple purposes and occasions like offices, car, self care, kids cleaning, hospital, hotels and restaurants. They combine the benefits of sanitizer along with the convenience of the tissue papers into one. Orchids are one of the largest Wet Tissue Paper Suppliers & Manufacturers In India, holding a legacy of years of trust and compassion.

In order to make the best use of these wet tissue papers, we bring you a revolutionary Wet Tissue Dispenser that helps you to pull out the wipes without a need of opening the packing again and again. The dispenser helps to keep the wipes wet for longer time and also helps to promotes hygiene by keeping the stack of tissues untouched throughout. You can check out on our website. Quality Wet Tissue Papers Our wet tissue papers are made of sterling soft paper to protect you from infection and other bacterial disease. These tissues are gentle on skin and removes sweat from pores of your skin which gives you radiant and refreshing look.

Our wet tissue paper contains sweet fragrance leaving you fresh. Contact us to Order now!

Benefits of Wet Tissue Papers

Benefits and Applications

  • Wet tissues are produced considering personal hygiene of an individual in daily life.
  • It is widely used in Hospitals, Hotels & Hospitality, Fashion and Glamour Industry.
  • In the absence of a soap or a face wash, wet wipes acts as the best alternative to make you feel refreshing.

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