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We at Orchids India, offer various models of electric hand dryers like jet hand dryer, sensor hand-dryer and air dryer with twin blower at wholesale rates. These automatic hand dryer featured with different air blowing speed, temperature and power consumption. Air hand dryers are also called as jet hand dryers, electric hand dryers and air blowers. Generally used at toilets and bathrooms of the offices, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. We are automatic hand dryer manufacturer, supplier and exporter at Mumbai, India. Get hand dryers from leading manufacturers in Mumbai, India.

Model No.:LS/HD/01
Stainless Steel Body Heavy Duty, Mat Finish.
100% Stainless Steel Body.
Voltage: 220~/50Hz
Rated Power: 2500 Watt
Current: 11.4A
Blowing Volume: 270 Cubic Mtrs/hrs.
blowing Rate: 30m/s
Dimensions: 200x270x240mm
Drying time: 10 Seconds
RPM: 12000 revolutions/min
Noise: 50-60 Db
sensing Range: 9?1cm
Hot Temperature: 48-59?C
Continuous work Time: 60 seconds
Temperature of wind: 55-65?c
Hand Dryer with Stainless Steel Body and Mat Finish.
Hand Dryers
Model No.:LS/HD/02
ABS Body Suitable design.
100% unbreakable ABS Body.
Voltage: 220~/50Hz
Rated Power: 1650 Watt    • Current: 9.2 A
Blowing Volume: 900M/minute.
Blowing Rate: 25 m/s
Dimension: 240x240x230mm
Drying time: 10 seconds
RPM: 3000 revolutions/min
Noise: =40Db    • Sensing Range: 12?3cm
Hot Temperature: 30-50?C
Continuous work Time:
Temperature of wind: 40-54?c
Automatic Hand Dryer
Automatic Hand Dryer

Model No.:LS/HD/03
  • 1650 Watts/50 hz.
  • Hot & Cold Feature.
  • Button on Back side.
  • RPM 2500.
  • Voltage 220.
  • Digital Circuit.
  • Digital Circuit.
  • Power Air speed, 10-15 secs dry hand-time twice faster than others.
  • Long-life motor, big energy saver.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Durable & vandal resistant.
  • Double Air Outlet, big blowing volume with powerful blowing rate.
Automatic Hand Dryer

Automatic Hand Dryer

(Hot & Cold)
Model No.:LS/JHD/01

Voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz.

Rated Power: 1650 W

Current: 7.5 A

Water splash proof: IPX1

Blowing volume: 150 m/h

Air speed: 90 m/s

Drying Time: <5 sec

Dimensions: 680 x 270 x 220 mm

Jet Hand Dryer

Jet Hand Dryer

Model No.:LS/HD/04
Power of Jet Hand Dryer: 1650 W

Body Material of Jet Hand Dryer: ABS Plastic White

Voltage of Jet Hand Dryer: 220V / 50 Hz

RPM: 2800

Air Speed of Jet Hand Dryer: 14 m/s

Drying Time of Jet Hand Dryer: < 20 Sec

Time Protection: 1 min Auto Cut

Sensing Range of Jet Hand Dryer 20 cm +/- 5 cm

Dimensions of Jet Hand Dryer: H 25 cms * B 21 cms * D 13 cms

Jet Hand Dryer
Electric Hand Dryer
with Hot & Cold Function
Model No.:LS/HD/05
Power :1800 W • Body Material : ABS Plastic White

Voltage : 220V / 50 Hz • RPM : 2800

Air Speed : 14 m/s • Drying Time : < 20 Sec

Time Protection : 1 min Auto Cut

Sensing Range : 20 cm +/- 5 cm

Dimensions : 240 x 240 x 230 mm
Hand Dryer with ABS Plastic Body

Hand Dryer with ABS Plastic Body

Model No.:LS/HD/06
Stylish design that is suitable for high traffic area.

ABS Body.
Detection Zone: 5-20cm
Hot temperature: 48 C - 52 C
Continuous work time: 6030s
Power and Voltage: 1650W
Current: 9A
Blowing Volume: 120m3/h
Blowing Rate/Air Speed: >10m/s
Voltage: AC 220V / 50 Hz
Round Speed: 3700R/min
Temperature of Wind: 50 C + the temperature of the environment.
Dimensions: 295x240x145mm
Drying time: 30s
Air Speed: >10m/s
Noise level: <70dB
Hot Temperature: 50 C
Hand Dryer with Stylish Design

Hand Dryer with Stylish Design

Model No.:LS/HD/07

Fibre Glass

100% unbreakable

Voltage: 220~/50Hz

Rated Power: 1500 Watt

Automatic Hand Dryer with Twin Blower

Automatic Hand Dryer
with Twin Blower

Model No.:LS/HD/08
  • CUP control circuit, auto infrared sensor
  • Pre - set temperature and keep constantly
  • Built - in temperature limiter, auto shut off when in a hotter air outlet environment
  • Aluminum - alloy casing, endurable and water-proof
  • Strong but gentle air flow to take care of hand skins
  • Quiet and long - life motor
  • Its ply is 4mm

Rated Power : 1700 W
Voltage : 220V / 50Hz
Current : 7.7A
Water Splash proof : 1PX1
Blowing volume : 162.4 CBM / h
Air speed : 10.6m/s
Unit weight : 4kg
G.W./ctn : 16kg
Dry Hand Time : 20 / 25sec
Motor : Brushless
RPM : 2580
Fan Type Centrifugal
Sound Level : 75dba

Automatic Hand Dryer - Alluminium Body
Automatic Hand Dryer - Alluminium Body
Model No.:LS/HD/09
Power: 1200 W Voltage : 230V/50Hz

Body Material : ABS Plastic

Water Splash : IPX1

Blowing Volume : 90 m / h

Drying Time : < 40 Sec

Time Protection : 1 min

Auto Cut Sensing Range : 20 cm +/- 5 cm

Dimensions : 267 x 182 x 120 mm
Air Hand Dryer with new Design
Air Hand Dryers
Model No.:LS/HD/12
Rated Power: 1500W, 1800W

Voltage : 110V / 60Hz, 230V / 50Hz

Material : Stainless Steel 304

Handdry motor speed : 20,000RPM

Package : 2pcs / ctn

N.W : 12.4KGS

Dimensions : 325 x 295 x 171 mm

Automatic Hand Dryer

Automatic Hand Dryer
( Stainless Steel 304 )